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We source our steaks from organically certified farms in Pommern, Argentina, USA, Australia & Ireland.
The different beef breeds are fed and raised differently.
This leads to large differences in taste, texture and appearance.
We grill the meat under a 1000°C hot grill to get the perfect flavour.
Last but not least, we refine the steaks with select pepper varieties and spices.

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Dry aging is the enriching of meat. Forseveral weeks, the meat is stored at a constant temperature and in a perfectly clean environment, making it more exclusive and therefore more flavour-intense. The result is a nutty and unmistakable aroma - a real experience for true meat lovers.

What is Dry Aging - Why is it special?

The term "meat ageing" refers to the controlled storage of raw meat. The meat becomes tough soon after slaughter and as such, gets little taste. Only through proper storage and a ripening process does it become tender, aromatic and easier to digest.

To achieve this, the temperature and humidity must be checked daily. 

Dry ageing does not only produce unmistakable nutty and buttery flavours, but also improves the texture. As the meat ages, the fibres become softer, and the steak becomes more tender overall.

Why Dry Aging? 

In general, the following happens during dry aging:

Water is extracted - allowing the taste to concentrate

Enzymes are activated - making the meat tender and allowing the flavour to develop.

Oxygen promotes the development of special aromas.

The time-consuming process and a weight loss of up to 40 percent explain why it is considered a delicacy and an absolute delight for gourmets.

With Dry Ageing, we are able to bring the full potential of the meat to the plate.

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BBQ takes time. We also needed the time to develop a perfect selection of modern and popular BBQ dishes for you. In order to present you with an unforgettable, smoky BBQ experience, we make sure that we do the smoking in-house. 

Eventually, our BBQ tapas were created: a culinary highlight & perfect for sharing.

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For our cocktails, only high-quality spirits are used.
Our exquisite wines are selected by our sommelier to match our dishes and thus offer a complete dining experience of both food & drinks.
We also attach great importance to beer. We offer our guests both traditional German barreled beer and a constantly changing selection of craft beers.

About Us: The Restaurant
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